We just added a copy of our debt

snowball spreadsheet to our cell phones to help keep us motivated. Whenever we are tempted to eat out (our biggest downfall) we will now estimate how much that meal would cost us and then plug that amount into the spreadsheet to see how much further it would get us toward our goal if we put the money there instead. Then our plan is to make that payment that day instead of eating out, so we can actually SEE how giving up that little bit each time we are tempted really brings down the debt. We feel it will be a great motivator to stay on track.
Dh also added the wallpaper someone posted recently to my computer in hot pink. So every day when I am on the computer I am reminded in brilliant color what we are working so hard for. If that wallpaper isn’t for you how about one that shows something you are striving for? How about on your cell phone wallpaper too? A photo of the car you want some day, or a getaway destination, your kids in a cap and gown. Etc.

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