Today I started setting up a pay day spreadsheet

and discovered right off the bat this new pay schedule is going to create more problems than I thought it would originally. I thought at first it would work out to be real close to the same amount every pay day UNTIL I remembered dh works four nines and a four each week. Since the pay days now have the cutoff dates of the 28th/30th/31st and the 15th that can vary the paycheck considerably depending on when those dates fall. I checked out the next four months and discovered the checks will vary in size from one check with 98 hours on it and about 3 with just 84 on them in a row. I’m really going to have to watch the budget closely with that much of a variance.
I’ve fixed up a spreadsheet that I’ll be able to glance at for each pay period when doing the budget to see the approximate size of the paycheck and adjust that two week budget accordingly. Next I’ll be marking estimated hours on my daily/weekly/monthly calendar so that I’ll know ahead of time the approximate paycheck size and adjust the budget before as well to accommodate the bills correctly.
I’m thinking that we are all getting cabin fever so bad so we are playing too much with numbers. I KNOW that dh is so tired of working and wants to retire so bad that I have GOT to find more gazelle feed asap.

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