This is my mom we’re talking about

She was in shock and still drove the grandkids to school and then left the car at the school. She’s one of those people who will do something because they said they would, hell or high water.
I would love for her to get a 2K beater, but I haven’t been able to convince her. She just doesn’t want to do the Dave plan 100%. She doesn’t think it works for her age.
Even if she didn’t have a car payment, she still doesn’t make enough to rent a place of her own. We’re still waiting for her to be able to pass her certification exam so she can get a better paying job in order to move out.
It’s not all bad, we do have her on a list for assisted rent housing with the county. They adjust the rent according to your income. The problem is that waiting list is about 3-4 years long. I finally got her to sign up for it. She’s stubborn.
We’ll be able to buy a mini crib for now to fit the baby in our room and our lease is up at the end of September. That’s when we plan on moving depending on the job situation for mom. She may be able to get something better by then.
Yes, she finally said no to db last night about driving them for the last week that he’s out of town. He told her to call dsil to tell her she wasn’t coming. She said no to him and we stopped her from calling dsil later.

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