Monday night I noticed

the numbers on my snowball calculator were not matching up with the actual balances owed. For the most part it is because the interest rates are to the 100th decimal point on the websites and the spreadsheet only does to the tenths. Not a big difference, but I did notice two really big things on it as I poured over it trying to figure out how to cut the number of months off until I can scream I am debt free. One was the spreadsheet is NOT going in the lowest to largest payoff order. Explanation: Once I complete this little BOA later this year it starts calculating on the Best Buy automatically. Only there are two other bills with lower balances than BB at that time. Hmmm wonder why that is? Could it be because at the time I started the calculator a year ago BB was lower than those two, but due to their stupid tax and lower payments they slowly slid to the number three (four) spot in the payoff order?
Next was an even bigger item. I realized that for some reason my little Chase card is showing on the spreadsheet two full payments behind my actual balance. Now this is a very good thing (nearly $450 difference), but how did it happen? Haven’t got a clue on that.
So I spent all day yesterday playing with the snowball calculator figuring the three next debts first in the order the snowball calculator originally showed, then in the order with the error on number of payments, then finally with everything calculated and they all came out to be the exact same payoff month. Not sure how that happened considering BB is over $2,000 more than the other two on their current balances. So for now I left the snowball calculator alone since dh just loaded it on to his phone and telling him to change it at this point while he’s still studying it in the form it’s in might create more problems than it is worth.

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