Medical equipment needed $800 (for hubby sleep apnea)

I agree with everyone that you don’t seem as bad as you think. Four walls should be taken care of first, cutting back a bit on anything that you can, selling on eBay, garage sale. Second job, overtime would cover the $41.00 that you are short..
I wanted to reply about the CPAP machine. It’s usually cheaper in the long run to buy one of these machines. Have you checked eBay, craiglist, asked if there is a used one that you can pick up somewhere?
Are you aware that you can rent these machines? It’s usually under 20 bucks a month to rent or something like that – until you can save the money to buy one.
Also instead of the machine you can get a mouth device that’s molded to your mouth and a lot cheaper than the machine but does a similar job. I personally find that the CPAP machine isn’t very ‘sexy’ when sleeping with your mate and the noise runs me crazy! There is a pretty good book – Good Night (The Sleep Doctor’s 4-week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health) by Dr. Micheal Breus – you can probably find this at the library, has a lot of suggestions to help with sleeping issues.

I think if you focus, find a few ways to cut down here and there – you will soon be on the other side of things.

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