Just got the letter back from the IRS today

our late fees have been waived!!!!!! YAY!!! I didn’t dare hope that they would really be waived, but the accountant suggested we may as well try. The IRS steadily sent us letters since our petition about mid-November, that it was still under review, and they might want additional supporting information. I was getting ready to send all that stuff, crossing fingers, dreading that it wouldn’t be enough. But today, unexpectedly, we got the letter that the late fees have been waived. This cuts our IRS bill down from roughly $8800 to a mere $5500.

I didn’t exactly earn that, and I’ll never be late again on taxes after facing such steep late fees. This gazelle got lucky to have escaped with a lower tax bill. But escape she did, and I’ll be happy with that. Yeah!!!! Just goes to show, it never hurts to ask

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