I think of it this way

I have three poly anna pills working.
Dear mom is okay.
I don’t have to be 8 months pregnant while she moves.
Nobody in their right mind will give her a mortgage while she has a car loan and a student loan. (Too much debt to income ratio.) So that ends the buying a house plan after age 60 with a 30 yr note with no plan to really pay it off. She’s pretty convinced she can’t do it now. That’s good. She had a bad feeling about it but was being pressured by of course the db and dsil and didn’t know what to do. We’ve explained for the hundredth time that we aren’t kicking her out because of the baby. Why would we when we took her in when dsil tried to throw her on the street in 2 days to sell their condo?

So…. for now dear mother is at my house and for the foreseeable future she will be doing her money Dave’s way as much as I can get her to. The scales have at least tipped in my favor.
Hopefully she will get some info about her car today. The tow people had to be yelled at for not picking it up for two days. They said it was because of the snowstorm. I’m not going to fall for that. This happened 36 hours before the storm.

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