I just seem to be overstressed right now, so thanks for bearing with me

1 – on our two car payments we had the truck up for sale for about 6 months, but had no bites on it. The economy in our area just seems to have taken a downturn big time. We’re a smaller town and may be losing our two biggest employers in the area, so people aren’t buying anything. Our van has less than a year to pay on it. We need something that will carry more than 3 people. The twins have a car that is sitting idle, cause they’re not working and can’t afford insurance on it.

2 – our house is just a typical 3 bedroom ranch. The $120 includes a past due amount that was divided into payments. I think there are 3 of them left.

3 – the dentist has been giving us a break, cause he doesn’t normally let you make payments.

4 – my mom and I are having a garage sale this weekend and hopefully that will net us a good profit. I’ve been gathering everything that is not an absolute necessary.

5 – the twins are getting jobs (they had ones, but were laid off) as soon as they graduate. They were having trouble cause no one wants to work around their school schedule.

We’ve already gotten the court papers for the hospital bill, so no we don’t have any other choice

The medical equipment would be covered by insurance, but we haven’t reached our deductible its $1,000 per person, which we have never had more than an occasional offfice visit to worry about. We’re generally healthy, so in order to save our premium amounts we upped the deductible.

See above for the info about the twins. Because they can’t get anyone to hire them, due to being in school (everyone wants you to be completely flexible, so they don’t have to work too hard on scheduling people) we told them we’d take care of cell phones and car insurance for the time they’re in school. Their grandparents supply them with gas/spending money – which will end for them when school is out.

Unfortunately, the grocery bill will not go down, cause they’re still going to be living at home. I hope to have a garden that will produce and that will cut down on the amount that goes out for groceries. I’m trying to come up with some menu ideas that will fill them up and cut down on our total going out for food and supplies.

Hubby already works 2 jobs (firefighter/paramedic and part time in the emergency room at our local hospital), there’s no time for another part time job. I homeschool my youngest son (long story) and babysit for several diffent families. I posted a flyer at our church to babysit for school aged children for the summer. I hope to get some more income that way. I found out that I can earn extra money by having a table at our local farmers market/flea market selling homebaked goods. I also have several upcoming craft shows in our area and make memory quilts on the side.

Driving lessons are necessary, can’t get a drivers license without them in Ohio until you’re 18. Graduation party is necessary in our eyes, but won’t be a big affair.

Our class ended about a month ago. I do have to say we’re in better shape than we were. We’re only behind on a few things and hopefully we’ll soon get them caught up. I talked to hubby about the ProRata plan, but he wants us to try to use it as a last resort, after we’ve cut everything back as far as we can. So for right now it’s on hold.

I appreciate all the encouragement and ideas on what to do. I’m going to print off your e-mails and talk to hubby and see what else we can do. I’m going to search the internet and see what is suggested to save money on groceries.

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