I finally remembered what this woman reminded me of

It reminded me of all those people we’ve all spoke with sooner or later that say the TTMO doesn’t work, that it is just a way for DR to line his pockets. Mine was one of dh’s family. He actually called DR a scam artist that was going to take all my money. Right up to the point I told him I’d never spent a penny with DR and I was getting debt free and had the paid off bills to prove it.
He called us foolish for trusting DR’s plan. Of course this was coming from a man that had just spent the afternoon at the bank trying to keep them from foreclosing on his house and wasn’t answering the phone because of all the collection agencies. We had tried discussing with him and his family that evening the TMMO and the second we said “cut up the credit cards” he got real defensive and ugly with us. It’s now two years later, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and his family is barely hanging on to their house and guess what their credit cards got cut up okay, but not by them by the cc companies because they were maxed and behind on the payments.
Anyway, I realized she had much the same mannerisms as this family member not wanting to face the truth that credit cards are NOT the way to go.

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