I feel the purpose of this

ad is to convince people that it’s okay to run up a credit card even if you think you might lose your job because they “have a heart” and will work with you with no hassle at all. A very deceiving ad.
Next on the facebook ads was for women’s financial planning at wife.org it says “a man is not a plan” . What century are they living in? Since when has a man been a plan for the females of the US in modern history? I find that rather insulting. First of all the name wife.org, as if only wives qualify. Next why would female financial planning be any different from male financial planning. You pay cash, plain and simple.
Then of course there are the Capital One commercials with the baby who has more since than the late night talk show host. He simply cannot understand why the baby is saying “NO” to his credit card. The inference being that you are acting like a child if you use a card other than Capital One because they give you so much back.
However, I see the baby commercials entirely differently than they planned. One that the host is not as smart as he thinks he is by using a credit card, that the baby is in fact smarter than he is. Two that he is in fact trying to con and bribe the child into using his card by giving her toys and other treats, but again the baby is too smart for him. Much like their bonus points are a bribe and a con. While I’ve never signed up for a Capital One card I have dealt with them for others and some of my credit cards were sold to them. They are the second worst to deal with (With HSBC—Best Buy being the worst and Capital One just bought my BB card—Lord help me!).

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