As I listened to the news channel yesterday

an ad for Lifelock came on. Now I’ve heard these ads hundreds of times, but for some reason part of the spiel yesterday caught my ear and made me pay more attention, not because of their product but because of the concept they were peddling.
In the commercial it talks about how someone stole a woman’s identity and ruined her credit and THEREFORE, ruined her chances at EVER having the retirement she had dreamed about. There are two different thoughts on this line. 1) being that she would some how be held responsible for all that debt—which is not true, it may be a hassle, but if you can prove it wasn’t you, you are not responsible for it. and 2) the biggest one that caught my attention was you can’t retire without good credit. That you must have credit cards to be able to retire. What a crock of. Yet this commercial plays hundreds of times a week and it is therefore being tattooed into the brains of the nation. How sad is that?
Another was a print ad I saw on facebook today that says “It has a heart,” then it goes on to say that if you lose your job they will lower your interest rate or otherwise work with you. While Discover was indeed one of the easiest to work with when we lost our income, the instant lower rates and such did not just appear. We had to miss x amount of payments, and jump through a bunch of hoops and then you are limited to taking one offer or another. Plus Discover was one of the companies that changed the contract in the middle of the deal with us—after we’d been paying for awhile and with no warning.

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