Thank goodness dear mother is alright after getting checked out in the ER. It took us (dd, dh, and myself) most of the day to convince her to go get checked out and that it would be billed with the car claim and not her health insurance. She’s going to be paying the deductible so might as well include a medical check just to cover all her bases and to make sure she’s really okay. She didn’t have her seatbelt on.

DSIL didn’t bother and her only concern was how her kids would get to school next week. That’s her problem, not my mothers. They are her responsibility. DSIL gave my mother a candy bar until my DH came to pick her up from dsil work. Disgusting! I won’t go into the other details, but these are the people that I have very large strong boundaries with that my mother can’t say no to. We will be intervening now.

The problem with totaling her car is that she would have to get a car loan to get a car. She doesn’t really follow Dave so I’m going to keep my mouth shut about that. It’s that powdered butt syndrome in effect here.
What I will try to do is to advise her to get a very small loan and use her insurance as a big down payment and keep the car under 5K. She would more than likely accept that as a suggestion. That’s if the credit union will loan her the money. That would keep the car to 25% or less of her annual income.
The other problem this brings up is that because she has to get a car in order to get to work, she’s not moving and she can’t move. She’s going to be living with us for the long term foreseeable future and we’re going to have to find a house to rent when our lease is up in October.
You just can’t fit 4 people in a two bedroom apt. when one of them is really little and the other is not too young anymore so two flights of stairs to the door isn’t helpful.
Needless to say, she also did not pass her test for her medical billing certification because she is stressing herself out about everything.
Now that she can’t move, hopefully she will calm down. We don’t expect her to try to take the test again until March. She’s too depressed and stressed to be able to study. Hopefully things can settle down by then.
I just want her to calm down because she’s stressing me out and it’s really not necessary. I’m the calm logical one.

My mom had a senior moment

and totaled her car hitting the side of my brother’s garage. There’s not much damage to their brick and stucco corner so I could care less about their house. I won’t tell the story of what she was trying to do because she really was tired when she did it, so it’s not like she was being stupid. I won’t embarrass her. Also keep in mind this is the brother that wants her to buy a house and his wife thinks dear mother is their personal servant.
We’re waiting for the check from the insurance. The bumper is gone, the airbags deployed, and the windshield went in the process. It’s a 2K car. It’s totaled more than likely The tow guy waited two days to get the car since it was parked at the school where DSIL works and not in traffic. His excuse was that he couldn’t get to it because of the snowstorm. She wreaked the car the day before the storm. We threatened to make him pay the impound fee if it was towed from the school since it’s not allowed to be there overnight. It should be towed tomorrow.
DM has no money. We’ve been praying for something to “figuratively” hit her upside the head to help her understand she has no business buying a house at 60 yrs old with no money and no knowledge on how to keep it maintained. She’s really stubborn.
God answers in weird ways. I still don’t know where she got the idea that we were trying to shove her out the door. We weren’t. We invited her to move in and we had a plan for her to get back on her feet. We knew it would take a while and saw this problem coming down the pipe for over a year now. She unfortunately added the pressure that wasn’t there.
She’s a worry wart and we still haven’t found a way to calm her down about her living arrangements. I’m going to add that my dsil had this idea that she could move out of their condo in 2 days didn’t help in the middle of December last year while she was still in school.

Congrats on the new suburban!

Very happy !But… um… I missed something on the math you’re doing. If you spent 1000 for the last car and did 300 worth of work and sold it for 1200, then you are minus 100. Or did I read something wrong? Sure 1200 – 300 you invested is 900, but what about the 1000 you bought it for?
Truly not to rain on any parades, you’re doing wonderfully and I love to read your posts but I’m just a numbers nerd. Running and hiding now….