That’s all great news

I’ve been thinking about your vehicle purchasing event, how one thing seemed to come to the front as a good candidate, then something would come up that would nix it. But right then something else would pop up as a BETTER candidate, and you’d check that out, and maybe that would be nixed too but then here comes another possibility which is even better than the first two, etc etc. That seems to be the way things work when we get our ducks in a row beforehand. So congrats on the new-to-you wheels, congrats on “working it” until you found something that really met your criteria, and congrats on being able to see the considerable silver lining for each of your beaters so far. This, ladies and gents, is HOW IT’S DONE RIGHT. I think DR would be proud of you!

A cookie for anyone who actually reads this

My nerd side is showing this morning. We ended up with a 1999 suburban. The greatest part is by the time we drove the other beaters and bought our rodeo we only had $300 invested in the rodeo. We got more out of the beaters as junk than we paid for them . We never put in any major repairs. I sold the rodeo for $1200 . I only gave $1000 for in and drove it around 3 months. $1200 minus $300 invested = $900 profit ! Well we got the suburban last night for $1500 ! $1500 minus the $900 we came to the good on the rodeo = $600 out of pocket !!! It’s below book value by about 40 %. My plan drive in for a few months. Clean it up and resale it for $2000 which is reasonable. In the meantime I am going to save more money and add that to it. I want to buy the newer body style with less miles in a few months. In the meantime all the money I didn’t spend is so hitting my mortgage !!! I sent my husband and dad to buy it. I was worried they were going to bring me a ugly car. LOL It actually will look like new once cleaned and they got him to go a cheaper than I had him at. So, I am proud . Our mortgage went down by several thousands and in the meantime we can all fit in our car. Super Woot !