I am looking for ways to stay motivated and on track.

Anyone try using visuals such as making a graph of the amount of debt that you have and then coloring in each square as you get closer to paying it off?
Any other ideas for staying motivated? I’m doing okay, but sometimes those impulse purchases are tempting and I am trying to find a way to keep my mind motivated and on track before I give in.

It’s just hard because BS2 can seem so big at times.

I’d noticed some minor problems

when we started using it a year or so ago, but not enough to mess with it, but now the difference in interest and such is starting to make HUNDREDS of dollars of difference, and that is not a good thing. Luckily in our instance it is hundreds high on one account, but hundreds low on the two mortgages (a baaad thing) As soon as dh finishes tinkering with my business computer I put him to work on this, because I want accuracy. Nothing like thinking you’ll be paying a debt off and discover that you still owe 4-5 hundred more than the snowball shows. Luckily I am constantly watching my numbers. In this instance I knew there were differences, but hadn’t really calculated them up. Now that I have I want it fixed.

I had some frustrations with it as well

and frankly I just relegated it off to the distant far dusty shelf. I have too many other things right now screaming for attention. My particular problems with it, is that it came with lines for 10 debts but we only have five outstanding debts right now. I wanted to get rid of the lines we don’t use, but that messed up the formulas and I didn’t want to take the time to go fix them. Mine is calculating the correct low-to-high bills, at least for right now, but I haven’t had it going long enough to check all the calculations. But if you ever get the thing working, could you post a “fixed” version? I do want to work with it more than I have so far, but I ran into those issues pretty fast and thought “nope, don’t have time for this right now…….”