I think this is what I need to do

Not only to get current on taxes/lisences, but my cc’s are all past due as well. I’m thinking I still need to get the taxes/lisences taken care of first, then get the cc’s up to date and then start the actual snowball. Am I on track here? What about all those blasted late fees and overlimit fees I’m incurring in the process? Should I change my focus a bit and get the cc’s current so I’m not getting bent over on fees?

If you have not gone to curt yet

you can call they atty office and work out a payment plan with them. these people will not be like the typical collectors are, they will talk to you like they have some since. and if you can work out a doable payment plan with them before you go to court, that will stop the judgment agaimst you.

if you go to court, they WILL win and then you now have the judgement. of course, if you fall behind, then you will be oredered to court for the judgement.

call and explain what you have going on, worst case senario is they will so no, and nothing will change, you wil go to court and get the judgement.

Holy Schnikes…

wife just got a massive bonus and raise. She now makes 5x what I make. Our retirement goals should be met by end of 2017, but we are still going to work until I vest in my pension. If shit goes south at some point, we will both quit once she hits her vesting at 50 years old in two years. I would get a pension starting at 65 of about $38,000. If I don’t vest, it might be $12K a year, so the extra 4 years is worth working 4 more years and we need a loan now! If my wife didn’t have serious travel plans, we could quit now and just bump around with some part time jobs in between vactions, but even being done at 55 and 53 isn’t going to be bad.

I can’t believe driver’s training isn’t done in school anymore.

A lot has changed since 20 years ago. For food, try online services (see if there is one near you) and that should help with your food bill. You get a large box of food for $25.00 and they have great meat specials. That should give some relief to that food bill of yours. No income requirements.

We’re acutally renting to own (from my parents – they helped each of us with our first house)

We set the price of what we can pay per month and best of all it’s interest free.

The twins are working full time (no choice, at least 40 hours) this summer and planning to go to a local college and work part time this fall. We already laid out what they need to pay for or else. I really want them to take the next FPU class at our church this fall. I already have the materials, so it would be of no cost to them.

We’re both working as much as we can right now. I’m looking for more children to babysit for the summer, as I homeschool my youngest. Hubby already works 2 jobs. We’re doing a garage sale this weekend. We have health insurance, but haven’t met the deductible yet. I did get a call from the company that is supplying the machine and they’re willing to wait a few weeks, until the hospital and doctors turn in their bills and then we’ll have less out of pocket expense to them, and can set up payments with the hospital (we found with our income we qualify for a 50% discount in amount due).